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► Air Impact Wrench - Honda Civic
► Bolt and Nut Torque Specifications
► Boot and Front Axle Replacement
► Changing the Engine Oil - Honda Civic
► Changing the Timing Belt - Honda Civic
► Changing the Water Pump - Honda Civic
► Engine Coolant Temp Sensor - Honda
► Fuse and Relay Box - Honda Civic
► General Maintenance Schedule
► Inspecting the Idle Air Control Valve - P0505
► Jerky steering wheel Fix - Honda Civic
► Jump start your car battery - Honda Civic
► Learn to drive stick shift - Honda Civic
► Pass Smog Check - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Alternator - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Brake Pads - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Brake Rotor Disc
► Repairing the Distributor - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Front Hub Bearing
► Repairing the Fuel Filter - Honda Civic
► Repairing the PCV Valve - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Radiator - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Speed Sensor - Honda
► Repairing the Starter - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Thermostat - Honda Civic
► Replacing Exhaust Pipe Gasket
► Replacing Front Rear Shocks - Honda
► Replacing the CYP Sensor - Honda
► Replacing the Fuel Pump - Honda Civic
► Replacing the Oxygen Sensor - Honda
► Saving Gas - Honda Civic
► Stolen Car and Kill Switches - Honda
► Trouble Codes (MIL / CEL) - Honda Civic
► Washing Machine Repair - Bad Motor


Engine Oil ChangeBrake Pad ReplacementBrake Disc Replacement
Axle ReplacementHead Light Bulb ReplacementSide Door Window Replacement
Alternator ReplacementBattery ReplacementTransmission Clutch Replacement
Front Hub Bearing ReplacementStarter ReplacementFuel Filter Replacement

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Do It Myself

Valuable experience from others

After hearing enough of the common horror stories that many car owners had encountered with their vehicle, it gave me an opportunity to learn from them and help me determine which factors would be most significant in finally purchasing my first new auto.

Obviously, dependability, reliability, and cost, were at the top of the list while style, comfort, and built-in features closely followed. I was not wealthy nor was I picky, so the average entry-level vehicle was all I needed. With that said, I'm proud to say that my first 1995 Honda Civic EX has always been there to take me from point A to B and has so far met my expectations. However, I've always known that the inevitable cost of major maintenance repairs would some day rain down so hard on me that buying another new car could make the most sense.

More money in my pocket, more knowledge in my head

Of course, the other option that could make sense would be to have it sent to an autoshop for a few hours or days and have them fix every nut and bolt that would come apart on every occasion. How about going a step further and just doing it myself? And I don't mean replacing a blown fuse or refilling the windshield wiper fluid. I'm talking about getting down to the grease, bolts, and nuts with my own two hands. Not only could I learn a new set of skills, improve self-confidence and earn a sense of pride in my accomplishments, I could save a HUGE bundle on maintenance costs! For example, if parts and labor to change an axle would cost $800 for my auto dealer to have done, the cost to have it done on my own would be $300 for tools and parts. That's over 2 times the cost of savings!

Now that's not only insane, but that's a win-win for me and perhaps others who could benefit from my experiences.

As my odometer hurdles over 300,000 miles, I anticipate many more challenges to face and more great things to learn. Hopefully, I can continue to log and document many of the repairs I have done and detail as much information as possible. Feel free to browse the various journals on the left-hand column and enjoy the materials I have provided.

Especially when it's that time again to get those hands and knees dirty. It's great to have these online history journals for reference available anytime, anywhere from your smartphone.

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